Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Basics of Baby Photography

Photographing babies can be the trickiest job in the world. The simple reason for that being, babies are hardly attracted by the motion of the big lenses in front of them.  Children like to play and they are hardly attracted by posing. So, it becomes all the more difficult to be able to capture pictures of babies. Newborns and toddlers are the best candidates to can be considered to join multiple-photography. Everyone wishes to captivate time. Some try captivating time through portraits, some by creating notes and some simply by remembering. But there is no better way to capture time than picture taking.
Every photographer will be elated to capture photographs of the newborns. A newborn baby is the purest form of emotions, an untarnished representation of humanly beauty and, above all, source of joy, pleasure and happiness. It requires no rocket science to explore the beauty of a newborn baby and photographer can easily explore that. The simplicity and the cuteness of the face, and the dazzling smile make them the best source of inspiration.
Having said that the babies move and sway a lot, this makes them difficult to be put in a single spot and actually take a shot of them for a longer duration of time. If a photographer tries to restrict the baby’s motion, the baby can instantly get irritated and the happiness in the face can be all gone. Playing with basic elements of photography like light, perspective and the background color also plays a vital role in determining the basic attributes of the photograph.
Lighting is the most vital element of photography and it holds good for baby photography too. A photographer in should be able to look into the lighting element with excellent poise. The natural light is always the best for shooting a baby as it can add textures to it. A bad sense of lighting can actually destroy the essence of a photograph. One must avoid shooting indoors with gloomy lights on, as it increases the effect of shadowing on the image. A gloom and dark photograph is never accepted for a baby. A photograph should generally be captured outdoors to enhance the beauty.  A cloudy day can generally be boon to the photographer as it naturally filters out heavy light. The presence of modern day photographic tools can also add beauty. A photographer in Cardiff must continue capturing and saving them because he can never know that he has detained THE PERFECTSHOT.

Monday, 27 December 2010


Every photographer in Cardiff wants to add a baby photograph to his credit. Photographing a newborn baby can be one of the trickiest things. But photographing one of them gives immense pleasure because there is no prettier show in the world than to see a baby smile. The face of a new born flooded with innocence is something that every photographer craves for. Photographing babies can seem to be very easy but actually they can pose a lot of problems. There are instances when a photographer in can try a lot actually but can never succeed in confining a perfect shot. However, keeping these simple things in mind, one can surely improve his skills in capturing the photo of a baby.
The first and the most important thing are to select the subject of photography. Every phase in a baby’s growth is interesting and one must concentrate on a particular aspect of this development. For example, someone younger can rise his head up and on the other hand some older can play with various things. Hence, the age and subject dependence is of utmost importance.
Lighting, again, plays a vital role. Always play around with it. Sometimes using a filtered light in a cloudy day can be as beautiful as the using candles to portray the face of the baby. Using flashes can make your photo look bright and sometimes can remove the occasional blur that happens to come in the photo due to the restlessness of the baby or when he is toddling.
Changing angles can change the entire perspective of the image. Capturing an image from the top can miniaturize the size of the baby or capturing it from below can make the image look bigger than what actually he is. Creating zoomed images can concentrate on the special features of the baby, like eyes, nose and etc, and can be a memory of a lifetime.
Interacting with a child is also important. A happy and a cheerful baby are more probable to give a better shot to a photographer in Cardiff than a dull one. Every photographer should make him play around and laugh as much as he can.
Framing and documenting can enrich the experience. A combination of various excellent photos can be clubbed together to make an album whereas if someone wants to tell a story he can easily do that. It all depends on the creativity of the photographer in Cardiff. However, photographer Cardiff will never be short of inspiration as he sees a baby smiles.